Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Book Discovery Day! (Tuesday, October 4)

It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
The Zee Brothers : Zombie Exterminators (Non-Illustrated Edition): Curse of the Zombie Omelet!, by Grivante
Orgasms, Chocolate & Zombies? Just an average day for Jonah, Judas & JJ.

This is for the non-illustrated version. For the illustrated version, look here http://www.amazon.com/dp/B013M5DXGC

The Zee Brothers have a strange and dangerous vocation. While some hunt rodents or pests in the dark, Jonah and Judas tackle much larger prey… Zombies. Equipped with a well-loved artillery gun, DeeDee, and a much used and somewhat abused pickup truck called Sasha, the duo clear the night of undead pests, keeping the ever present threat of a Zombie Apocalypse at bay.

When the slap happy pair receives an after hours call for extermination that ends in a gurgle, they head out, guns locked and catch...
Ship the Kids on Ahead: Short Stories by Bill Stokes, by Bill Stokes
We all have that one older funny family member. You know the one, he tells stories from his experiences and usually has people rolling in the eyes. Bill Stokes is that person! He presents a delightful collection of memories that are truly life lessons even today! Stokes, through his memories and wit provides opportunities to learn through laughter, sharing of memories and love.

Many will shake their heads in remembrance of similar experiences and crack a smile if not a full on belly laugh!

From chapters on “The Hammer is in the Petunias” to “Merry Christmas” one cannot help but feel warm and comforted in those memories he shares that are full of life lessons. His writing style is comfortable, breezing a...
All The Lonely Spirits: Journal 1 of The Sun and Moon Archives, by Jane J. Henri
(Each book in this series is a full-length, complete, stand-alone novel.)

Medium Abby Nelson joins a small team of Marines to investigate paranormal problems at top secret locations around the country.

On their first mission together, Brigadier General Matthew Jackson and his team of three Marines are only there to supervise and keep Abby on track while she attempts to reclaim an abandoned but essential Army building from an overwhelming number of boisterous spirits who've taken control of it.

It sounded easy enough in the beginning, but they soon find that the job is far more dangerous and shocking than anyone ever dreamed. The fact that every day brings more discoveries about a defunct hellhole of an orp...
The Gossip of an Earl (The Widows of the Aristocracy Book 1), by Linda Rae Sande
Extra! Extra! Read all about it ...

The Earl of Fennington has a secret identity—that of Mr. Pepperidge, editor of London's premiere gossip rag, The Tattler. While attending a garden party as Fennington, he meets and falls in love with an earl's daughter. The attraction is mutual, for despite knowing better, Lady Emelia allows him to kiss her behind a hedgerow. Who will know but them?

When the earl asks permission to marry Emelia, her father denies him, requiring him instead to court Emelia for eight weeks. He's only allowed to see her once each week, however. Desperate to spend more time with her, Fennington devises a scheme in which he'll be able to do just that, but in disguise. Emelia will have to meet Mr. Pepper...
Lethal Code (A Lana Elkins Thriller Book 1), by Thomas Waite
America’s worst nightmare has come true: a “cyber–Pearl Harbor” attack by unknown terrorists has crippled the nation’s power grid—and brought the land of the free to its knees. As widespread panic and violence ravage the country, its ruthless captors issue their ultimatums…and vow an apocalyptic reckoning.
A defenseless nation scrambles to fight an invisible invasion. Chief among America’s last line of defense is Lana Elkins, head of a major cyber-security company—and former top NSA operative—who returns to her roots to spearhead the Agency’s frantic efforts to combat the enemy’s onslaught on its own terms. While she and her superiors take action to infiltrate a terrorist hotbed overseas, much closer to home...
The Cruisers: A Travel Writer Mystery, by Jeff Soloway
In award-winning author Jeff Soloway’s second Travel Writer Mystery, quick-witted Jacob Smalls and his outrageous mother cruise into highly dangerous waters.

Jacob Smalls manages to land the ultimate freebie: a two-berth stateroom on a cruise to a private tropical island. To everyone’s surprise, Jacob invites as a guest his prickly mother, an olive branch from son to mother after years of ill will. Once aboard, Jacob is determined not to let her characteristically scathing sarcasm spoil his trip. But her relentless prying proves much more dangerous to swallow.

Their journey begins ominously: they discover the ship’s trumpet player has just died under mysterious circumstances. Ever curious, Jacob qu...
Beloved Beast (The Ravenswood Chronicles), by Karyn Gerrard
If a man can live forever . . .

A lifetime ago, the debauched Viscount Ravenswood lost his life, only to be revived as as new man with a new name…and a new desire for love. Now, scarred and monstrous of visage, Luke Madden has outlived his beloved wife. Crushed by loss and despair, he swears to never feel such a love again. For such a perfect mingling of souls could never happen twice in one lifetime. Especially for a beast such as Luke believes himself to be . . .

. . . how can he love forever?

Gillian Browning is a bold woman of action. But her spy activities in pre-war Germany have made her a target. Now in London, she is being hunted by ruthless Nazi opera...
The Girl From The Tea Garden (The India Tea Series Book 3), by Janet MacLeod Trotter
In the dying days of the Raj, Anglo-Indian schoolgirl Adela Robson dreams of a glamorous career on the stage. When she sneaks away from school in the back of handsome Sam Jackman’s car, she knows a new life awaits—but it is not the one she imagined.
In Simla, the summer seat of the Raj government, Adela throws herself into all the dazzling entertainments 1930s Indian society can offer a beautiful debutante. But just as her ambitions seem on the cusp of becoming reality, she meets a charming but spoilt prince, setting in motion a devastating chain of events.
The outbreak of the Second World War finds Adela back in England—a country she cannot remember—without hope or love, and hiding a shameful secret. Only exceptional...

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