Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Discover the "Felix Green Mysteries" series!

Looking for a new series to get lost in? Discover Andrew Stanek's Felix Green Mysteries -- an intelligent, engaging series that contains eleven books so far. Better yet? The first book in the series, "Death by Nostalgia," is free today!

Death by Nostalgia: A Felix Green Mystery, by Andrew Stanek

" I really enjoyed this mystery. The quirky and non-traditional kleptomaniac detective Felix Green paired with the "by-the-book" cop Sam Alders makes for a fun read as they work to solve the mystery of a dead young woman found shot in an old WWI bunker... Interesting to see the different styles of Felix and Sam as they work to find the truth and uncover a motive for what seems like a senseless and peculiar murder. How did the killer know she would go into the bunker? Was the murder premeditated? Why use such an old gun that might not work properly? So many questions combined with the fascinating interactions of people who grew up together as a result of where they lived and while they went on to their adult lives, they never quite left the demons of the past behind. Kept me guessing! " -- Amazon reviewer

When a young woman is shot dead in the ruins of the demolished building she used to call home, it's up to kleptomaniac detective Felix Green and his straight-laced associate, Sam Alders, to solve the case before the department runs out of patience with both of them. The investigation will take them deep into the victim's past, full of old grudges, lost loves, and missing gold as they unravel the most unusual case of Death by Nostalgia.

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Meet the Author

During his high school years at the Harker School in San Jose, CA, one of Andrew's papers for his government studies class resulted in a 350-page treatise. He has been writing ever since. While he has completed works in other genres (including historical fiction and fantasy), his main focus in recent years has been devoted to his Felix Green mystery series of books and short stories.

Andrew took his bachelor's degree in microbiology at Caltech while he was at once a student and a neural networks instructor. Today he lives and writes in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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