Saturday, July 4, 2015

Book Discovery (Saturday July 4)

It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Stairway To Heavenly Sleep: Your Step By Step Guide To Teaching Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night, by L. O'Brien
Teach your baby how to sleep through the night with Christina's detailed sleep method. In this book, you will find personalizable sleep charts, so you can teach your baby to sleep during the hours that work for you, following Christina's time blocks model. This book is also full of advice, encouragement, and lots of tips to help your baby sleep so you can get the sleep you need. You need proper sleep to have quality of life and to take care of your baby. This sleep method works best from birth, but Christina explains how to incorporate her method if you start with an older baby. Makes a great gift for baby showers, mother's day, father's day, birthdays, Christmas, or just an any day gift for a special person in your life who needs their bab...
The One, by Tyler Cook
Eli Cooper never expected love to be this difficult. When someone from his past suddenly reappears, he can’t help but notice the attraction between the two of them. But sometimes, the people that you love may not love you back. Eli must find his way back from heartbreak, and discover a life where his love can be returned. But in order to do that, he must also face his demons, and overcome his greatest fear: Revealing his deepest secret to the world....
Found, Near Water, by Katherine Hayton
Rena Sutherland wakes from a coma into a mother’s nightmare. Her daughter is missing – lost for four days – but no one has noticed; no one has complained; no one has been searching.

As the victim support officer assigned to her case, Christine Emmett puts aside her own problems as she tries to guide Rena through the maelstrom of her daughter’s disappearance.

A task made harder by an ex-husband desperate for control; a paedophile on early-release in the community; and a psychic who knows more than seems possible.

And intertwined throughout, the stories of six women; six daughters lost.

I thought that not knowing was the worst thing I could ever endure. Not knowing if she was in ...
A Fool Among Fools, by John Terracuso
It's 1986. Ronald Reagan is in the White House, Molly Ringwald is on the cover of Time and 29-year-old Michael Gregoretti is a struggling, underpaid copywriter at a big New York ad agency. He'd rather be writing plays; instead, he's writing awful commercials for a moisturizer formulated to conquer that dire, life-threatening condition: handruff.

Michael reluctantly accepts an assignment on a brand-new (and very secret) product – an aerosol butter – hoping it will lead to the kind of work that will land him a better job at another agency. But there's a catch: working on this new account will also mean working for the rigid, compulsive and quite possibly insane Gwen Hammond, who thinks that Michael, with his off-the-wall idea...
Phases of Passion: Boxed Set (The Complete Collection, Book 1-6) (Werewolf Romance - Paranormal Romance) (Phases of Passions), by Melissa F. Hart
Only 3.99$ (SAVE 71% - AMAZING PRICE instead of 13.94$ if purchased separately)

The complete Phases of Passion Series in one box set.


Book One: New Moon
Erin can’t help but be taken in by handsome newcomer to her office, Sean. The way he stares at her with deep, dark eyes sends a sensuous shiver right through her body.

Erin is drawn to Sean, not just because of his devastatingly handsome looks. One night, when he needs a ride home, Erin is glad to offer, but alone in the car, passions run high and soon Erin is finding out just how intense her attraction to Sean is. But he hides a dark secret. Sean is mysterious and a loner, could he be linked to the spate of murders occurring r...
Second Destiny: The older generation broke them apart, the younger generation reunites them (Destiny Series Book 2), by Gloria Silk
"Second Destiny" is phenomenal!" J Summers.

"Gloria Silk has written a wonderful tale about cultural differences, the need for love and freedom after a life of doing and being what is expected of you. This is no cut and dried romance story; it is much more than that..." Natasha Jackson for Readers' Favorite.

What if you and your first love get your happy-ever-after, but it doesn't work out?
This story follows a beautiful, frustrated wife and artist who is reunited with the gorgeous hero with Bollywood-good-looks and charisma. When fate brings them face to face again, can they put their past behind, or will their sizzling, intense passion reignite and endanger everything in its path?

THE ...
Running For Beginners: Get A Glimpse Inside The Runner's World: Your Training Plan On How To Start Running Injury Free (start running jogging, how to run, ... plan, programs, motivation, 3k, 5k, 10k), by Chris Adkins
Running For Beginners: Get A Glimpse Inside The Runner’s World: Your Training Plan On How To Start Running Injury Free
More people are starting to run for health, weight loss, fitness, and competition than ever

Are you looking to start running to improve your overall health? To lose weight? To get fit? To boost your energy levels? To boost your self confidence? To have relief from stress? These are just a few of the many good reasons to run. The benefits that come with the running lifestyle will make you feel good, look better, and give you more energy if you learn to run.

Running is simple and inexpensive and continues to grow in popularity. More and more people are taking ...
Pools, by S. K. Holder

One day, Lark and her friend Shelley, visit their neighbour, Ms Trowper, to fetch their ball from her garden. Ms Trowper is not her usual cheery self. She has a pool of water in her attic. She is convinced it is a magical hole. She wants Lark and Shelley to see what’s in it. The girls decide Ms Trowper is bonkers and make a hasty retreat.

Later that night, Lark’s mum insists she saw Lark’s brother, Fin, and his ‘sensible’ friend, Mat, disappear through a hole in the garden. It makes no sense. Fin and Mat are on a camping trip and are not due home for days.

Troubled by this strange turn of events, the two friends return to Ms Trowper...

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