Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bargain Kindle books! (Tuesday July 7)

The Granite Key (Arkana Mysteries Book 1), by N. S. Wikarski. (Still 0.99?)

"One girl's dream, one girl's vision, many lives will never be the same. Read this FIVE GOLD KEY NOVEL to find out more." -- Mind's Eye

"Think 'MEDIUM meets THE LOST SYMBOL' and it only begins to describe the pleasures of THE GRANITE KEY - 5 Stars." (Kindle Nation)


Where do you hide a mysterious artifact that has the power to change the course of history? You scatter clues to its whereabouts across the entire planet. Five objects buried beneath the rubble of ancient civilizations point to the hiding place of a baetyl called the Sage Stone. The Arkana, a secret society, has deployed its agents to recover the relic. Psychic Cassie, bodyguard Erik and librarian Griffin unfortunately find their quest hampered at every turn by members of a polygamous religious cult known as the Blessed Nephilim. The cult's leader, Abraham Metcalf, wants to exploit the power of the Sage Stone to create a terrifying new world order.

Although keeping the relic out of Metcalf's hands is important, it is even more critical to keep him from finding the Arkana's troves of archaeological treasure. This cache, which has taken centuries to amass, proves the existence of advanced matriarchal cultures on every continent predating patriarchy by thousands of years. The Nephilim would like nothing better than to destroy the cache and its guardians. The global treasure hunt for the Sage Stone has put the Nephilim and the Arkana on a collision course. The only question is whether anyone will survive long enough to claim the prize.

Volume One - The Granite Key
In a nightmare, nineteen year old Cassie Forsythe sees her sister attacked by a man in a cowboy hat who demands something called "the key." Her nightmare mutates into reality when she is called to identify her sister's body, murdered exactly as her dream foretold. Cassie dismisses her vision as a fluke until the night she catches the man in the cowboy hat ransacking her sister's apartment. He bolts with an odd-looking stone cylinder--the Granite Key. From that moment, Cassie's normal world evaporates.

She learns that her sister led a double life retrieving artifacts for a secret society called the Arkana. Cassie's sister had the psychic ability to touch an object and relive its past. Cassie has now inherited this gift. The leader of the Arkana wants the girl to take over her sister's role in the organization. She reluctantly agrees in the hopes that they might find her sister's killer. Teamed with librarian Griffin and bodyguard Erik, Cassie is sent to the Minoan ruins of Crete to decipher the key's code. Even as the trio rakes through megalithic tombs and Minoan palaces for clues, Nephilim operatives are closing in. Will Cassie And Company solve the mystery in time or fall victim to the religious cult's ruthless assassin? THE GRANITE KEY holds all the answers.

238 pages, with a 4.1-star rating from 41 reviews.

Take My Husband, Please: A Romantic Comedy, by Kimberly Jayne. (Still 0.99?)

"Fun, wit, and charm! TMHP is a hoot! It's chock full of fun, wit charm and a dash of bawdy irreverence! This author grabs you by the eyeballs from the get-go and takes you on a hilarious and charming journey of exes and "oh's". It'll have you scratching your head, giggling out loud and even tugging at your heart strings. I love the way this author paints the stories and characters in vivid detail, helping you live inside their minds and maneuver through the plot right alongside them. A fun read!" -- Amazon reviewer

With the ink on her divorce nearly dry, rookie realtor Sophie Camden is ready for some fun, excitement and adventure—an orgasm wouldn't hurt either. Only one teensy complication for this mother of two: her ex insists on moving home after his unexpected personal meltdown.

A layoff, investment disaster, and his dad’s death have brought Will Camden’s life into harsh perspective. The cherry on top? Sophie filing for divorce—not that he blames her; he left her no choice. All he wants now is to regain financial footing and be a better father to their kids. That, and to quit obsessing about his sexy wife. Thing is, if she discovers his plan to liquidate everything, including her house, she’ll hate him forever.

When Sophie’s sexy new guy is reluctant to date her unless Will is verifiably out of the picture, she gets entangled in a bet designed to keep Will "occupied" by dating five women of her choosing. Ugh, she just wanted to get rid of him! But soon enough, she turns her unfortunate task into a delicious payback. While the hottest bachelor in town pursues her and the biggest real estate deal of her life hangs in the balance, the man who gave Sophie up—suddenly Daddy of the Year—seems determined to sabotage her future with a new man who could give her everything.

337 pages, with a 4.9-star rating from 18 reviews.

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