Friday, October 3, 2014

Kindle Fire Free App of the Day (October 3, 2014): Back to Bed

Today's Free App of the Day is Back to Bed
Originally $4.00

This is eerily beautiful and compelling variation on a platform game. Your job, as Bob's pet dog, is to guide Bob "back to bed." Bob sleepwalks, you see.

He will turn clockwise when he encounters an object so the dog can pick up objects (so far, a giant apple) and place it in his path to turn him. He will then walk straight until another obstacle is encountered or until he gets to his bed.

There's a disembodied voice that many reviewers found unpleasant. I kind of liked it--it reminded me a little of Alfred Hitchcock's voice. :) The controls are also commented on by reviewers, and they are a bit tricky but manageable. I found tracing the path to be the best--there's a white arrow that shows you where the dog will walk and the square where things will be placed is lit.

Bob appears to have endless lives, so if he goes off the edge, he just reappears at the beginning of the level. There are places where the dog must walk up a while to get the apple--there are hand drawn "steps" in those cases that you guide the dog up. The dog is able to pick up and drop the apple as often as needed to guide Bob.

There is no timer. There are some achievements. It plays in landscape mode but will rotate 180 degrees. It plays in airplane mode.

7 of 11 reviews are four stars and above.

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Have fun!

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