Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Book Discovery! (Tuesday Oct 7)

It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
The Plains of Kallanash, by Pauline M. Ross
Thousands of years after a magical catastrophe reshaped the world and pulled the moons out of alignment, the secret of magic has seemingly been lost. At the centre of the vast, forbidding Plains of Kallanash lies a land ruled by a secretive religion, whose people fight a never-ending war against the barbarians in the wilderness beyond the border.

Amongst the nobility, double marriages are the norm. Junior wife Mia always dreamed of attracting the attention of the dashing lead husband, but never dared to compete against her lively older sister. Hurst has spent ten frustrating years as junior husband, longing to test his skill with a sword in battle, longing for his beloved Mia to turn to him.

The mysterious death ...
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Beautiful Ruin, by Alison Foster
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Grace Kendall knows what it's like to have life knock you on your butt. She's been through hell and made it back. She's fine with trusting no one and expecting nothing until a night wind blows something quite unexpected onto her doorstep in the rain.

The scruffy, yet gorgeous enigma known as Nathan Henley steps inside her apartment and brings with him all those feelings Grace has tried so hard to tuck safely away. Beneath his bruised and damaged exterior, she senses all the dark and beautiful secrets lost within the tarnished diamond of his lonely heart.

Like everyone before him, he must be too good to be true. She resists his mystery as long as she can, but s...
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Dream in Color, Think in Black & White: How to Get Unstuck and Fulfill Your Dreams, by Jonathan Bissell
Admit it. You're stuck. Somewhere along the way, you had a dream that you let go of. But it hasn't let go of you. You're the reason this book was written. Because dreams matter. Dreams are powerful. And sometimes dreams just won't go away - no matter how impractical, ill-timed or financially risky they are. This is a book about getting unstuck in your life or career. It's about learning to Dream in Color and Think in Black & White. There are three parts to this book: Dreaming in Color, Thinking in Black & White, and Fulfilling Your Dreams. Each part contains practical "how to" steps and examples explaining how to get unstuck and move toward your dream. The rest is up to you. Let's get started....
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Heather (Sam Autenburg Book 1), by A.J. Sendall
Sam Autenburg is the manager of a small marina in Sydney. When a Canadian yacht arrives, sailed single-handed by a twitchy schoolteacher from Toronto, Sam knows right away that the Canadian is not a bona-fide cruiser.

A few nights later, in the early hour of the morning, Sam hears a woman calling for help. The Canadian is holding an escort on the boat against her will. Sam sorts this situation out, fruitlessly searching the woman’s bag for the cash and credit cards that the Canadian claims she had stolen.

Three days later, the Canadian is found dead in a brothel in Sydney’s red light district. He had been dipping into the cocaine that he had brought in for the infamous Reed brothers, who run some of the night clubs,...
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Shiloh's True Nature, by D.W. Raleigh
When 12 year-old farm boy Shiloh Williams is sent to stay with his estranged grandfather, he discovers a mysterious new world inhabited by ‘Movers’. The Movers live in symbiotic harmony with one another, except one extremely powerful Mover who has stolen the town’s most precious artifact, the Eternal Flame.

Shiloh investigates his supernatural surroundings, makes new friends, and begins to think of the town as home. However, just as soon as he starts to fit in, he realizes his new found happiness is about to come to an abrupt end. One decision and one extreme consequence are all that remain....
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Harbinger, by David J. Bright
When a mysterious fog sets upon the small town of Rowley, Pennsylvania, its residents quickly find themselves isolated from the world. As the thick haze envelopes their once peaceful town, all communication systems fail and residents begin to go missing. As order gives way to panic, the town devolves into violent lawlessness, every citizen with a score to settle acting out their darkest impulses, hidden by the cloak of fog.

Amidst the chaos, Ben Dowling realizes something is terribly wrong. It’s not just people acting crazy--there’s something more. There’s something out there butchering people. Something evil and vicious.

Something that is hungry.

Ben and his childhood friend Elise venture out ...
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Death After Life: A Zombie Apocalypse Thriller, by John Evans

Three years after the zombie plague swept America, the country relies on harsh measures to keep us safe. Upholding the law in Seattle are officers Nicolette Waters and Winter Masakawa. Together, they make Unit 16 the most formidable patrol on the force. And they’d better be tough — with the living dead at large, even the most routine call can turn terrifying in the blink of a bloodshot eye.

That’s not even the worst part. These Virus Control cops must “euthanize” anyone who tests positive because…

The work takes its toll on the soul. Only love keeps them going — Nic’s devotion to her spouse and Winter’s unrequited feeli...
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The Soul Screams Murder (Paranormal Thriller), by Geoffrey Sleight
Strange events in Paul Hunter's new family home begin to make him think the man who sold the house may have committed a murder there. As his enquiries shed light on a trail of dreadful crimes, his family comes face to face with the vengeance of a brutal killer who cunningly outwits all attempts to catch him....
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