Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Book Discovery! (Tuesday Nov 18)

It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Nothing but Trouble (Entangled Select Suspense) (Vegas Vixens), by J.L. Hammer
She's the kind of trouble he can't resist ...

With an angry loan shark hot on her heels, Frankie Delenski flees a Vegas gentlemen’s club with one thought in mind: hide before she’s nothing more than a chalk outline. Now on the run...she finds herself stranded in a sleepy Colorado town during a storm. Her only salvation becomes the suspicious and gorgeous deputy sheriff determined to arrest her...

From the get-go, Wes Malone must restrain his lust for this stunning, unpredictable woman in a sequined bra and rely on his instincts as a cop. As he sifts through the haze of lies, the truth about her predicament is like a sucker punch to the gut. She’s in serious danger and g...
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Terminus (Fringe Worlds #1), by Kevin Hardman
Master Sergeant Gant Maker was a highly-decorated and well-respected Marine - until his last mission left him as the sole survivor of an encounter with a vicious race called the Vacra. Served up as a scapegoat and drummed out of the military, he has since lived a life of seclusion with only an adopted alien as a companion.

Now the Vacra have returned. As the only person to have ever faced them and survived, Maker is reinstated in the Corps and given the onerous task of finding this enemy on a world located at the edge of known space. Assisting him is an unlikely band of military rejects, including a blind sharpshooter, an unstable psychic, and a genetically-engineered killing machine who refuses to fight.

Given tha...
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Open Season, by Daniel Melchin
For the people of Deen, turning off the lights is the last thing they do

Shadows lurk across the broken down suburb of Deen, Alaska dragging away their victims into thin air. Meanwhile, mysterious murders and suicides plague the town, which is approaching its shortest day of the year. With each passing night the town's inhabitants seem to lose control of their minds, killing those around them and then themselves while the shadows hunt those who survive.

Officer Randy Edwards witnesses strange green lights in the sky moments before witnessing a couple jump off a bridge to their own icy deaths without so much as a scream. Bent on escaping a ruined suburb that has suffered from mass depression and ...
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Captain's Day: A Golf Causerie, by Terry Ravenscroft
At Sunnymere Golf Club meticulous plans put in place by club captain Henry Fridlington ought to have guaranteed that his Captain’s Day would be the best day in his life. However Henry has recently enforced a ‘no swearing on the golf course’ policy, a policy which has not gone down at all well with the membership - and a policy which is largely instrumental in ensuring that far from being the best day in his life his Captain’s Day quickly turns into the very worst day of his life. Of course the self-important behaviour of Henry himself doesn’t help matters. Neither does the arrival of the fire brigade on the golf course, the arrival of the police and the arrival of a twenty feet high pile of manure on the eighteenth green. But eve...
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The Missing Year, by Belinda Frisch
Thirty-four-year-old Blake Wheeler was everything Lila had ever wanted. A rising-star surgeon with his whole life ahead of him, Blake gave Lila ten perfect years of marriage before plunging her into the hardest year of their lives.

When a late night shooting leaves Blake in a coma, Lila is faced with a difficult decision: continue life support or let him go.

One year later, Lila remains unwilling to speak, in a private mental health facility where she refuses to move on.

Dr. Ross Reeves knows firsthand about loss, having spent the better part of five years burying himself in his work. Tasked with the challenge of breaking Lila's silence, Ross investigates Lila's past and her husband's death, finding m...
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Crucible: An Adrian Hell Action Thriller - Book 1, by James P. Sumner
From debut author, James P. Sumner, comes an all-action thriller that will keep you turning the pages!

Meet Adrian Hell. Having spent most of his adult life in the military, he is well trained and highly skilled in all forms of warfare and weaponry. He saw out his career heading up an elite Black-ops unit that officially didn't exist. When he left, he realized he was born to do one thing, and so he became a professional hitman, traveling North America and putting bullets in bad people.

In Crucible, he takes a job in the sun-soaked city of Heaven's Valley, a paradise of sin and the jewel of Nevada. His contract? Kill a man who has taken money from the local mafia. Sounds easy enough, and with a large payday...
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Burkheart Witch Saga Book 1: Red Snow, by Christine Sutton
When Kayla embarks on a drive from Washington to Texas, she is just doing her job. When the black 1967 Impala starts showing up at every turn, she starts to think it might be more than coincidence. When the mysterious driver leaves her a note, she is engulfed in a race for her life. Kayla is tasked with defeating vampires, werewolves and evil witches that threaten to destroy her happiness and her very life! Will she get her happily ever after, or will she fall victim to the evil that courses through her veins? Red Snow is an urban retelling of a classic fairy tale...
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Stone and Silt, by Harvey Chute
A ruthless murder and a stolen shipment of gold.

At school, sixteen-year-old Nikaia Wales endures the taunts of bullies who call her a “half-breed.” At home, she worries about how her family will react if she reveals her growing feelings for the quiet boy next door.

Those are soon the least of her troubles. Nikaia discovers a hidden cache of gold, and when police find a corpse nearby, her father becomes a suspect. Worse, Elias Doyle is circling, hungry to avenge his brother’s death.

Nikaia desperately searches for clues to save her father. In her quest to find the killer, she learns about the power of family, friendship, and young love.
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