Sunday, September 21, 2014

"The Gray Tower Trilogy," by Alesha Escobar

What a unique take on historical fantasy fiction! The first book (The Tower's Alchemist) in Alesha Escobar's series is normally $2.99 but is available for free download today! And Books 2 and 3 are on sale for 99 cents. Check 'em out!

The Tower's Alchemist (The Gray Tower Trilogy Book 1), by Alesha Escobar

"Historical fantasy fun! I have run into the idea of Hitler using occult magic before, so I was curious to see how Ms. Escobar handled the concept. I was very pleased with the result. The alternate reality presented in The Tower's Alchemist "feels" real. There is lots of action as our heroine Isabella is an undercover agent for British SOE and spends most of the book in occupied France. Isabella is a sympathetic character, in part because she is the narrator of the book. Her character has added depth from the mystery of her father's disappearence and her conflicted relationship with the Grey Tower of wizards. I also enjoyed many of the supporting characters, and hope to see more of the surviving ones in the sequels. And there are plenty of loose ends and mysteries left for the next volume." -- Amazon reviewer

Wizard Vs. Nazi Warlock Vampires.

It's a very different World War II.

The Nazis have unleashed occult forces throughout Europe and the Allies are forced to recruit and employ wizards to counter their attacks.

Among them is the battle weary spy, Isabella George, a Gray Tower dropout trained in Alchemy. Longing for retirement and a life of peace, she accepts one final job--extract a deadly warlock from Nazi occupied France and prevent him from unleashing an alchemical weapon that will devour the continent.

But France is crawling with the Cruenti, vampiric warlocks who feed off other wizards. When things don't go according to plan, one Cruenti sets his deadly eyes on her.

Betrayal is everywhere. Even some of her closest allies cannot be fully trusted. Worse still, she finds, she can't even trust herself. She becomes a woman torn between her charismatic spy lover who offers her what she desires most, and one of her closest confidants, whose soft seductive eyes hold deadly secrets about her past, and the Gray Tower itself.

Plans within plans. Plots versus counter plots. Heists gone wrong, sword-wielding Catholic priests, and the greatest manipulation of history that has ever been seen, is just a taste of what Isabella George is in for, in her final mission.

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Who am I? I'm a lover of good stories, of biting sarcasm and chocolate. I write fantasy and urban fantasy, with a dash of romance and humor mixed in.

"The Tower's Alchemist" is my debut novel, followed by "Dark Rift." The final book of the trilogy, "Circadian Circle," is available now.

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