Friday, October 2, 2015

Book Discover Day! (Friday, Oct 2)

It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Foreclosure: A Novel, by S.D. Thames
It’s just business—but it’s about to get personal for hard-nosed lawyer David Friedman when the housing crash of 2008 derails his shot at partnership with Southwest Florida’s most prestigious law firm. Given a year to prove he can make rain during Florida’s economic drought, David rolls up his sleeves and lands the client of his dreams—Frank O'Reilly, a real estate developer embroiled in dozens of lawsuits and hell-bent on turning a profit during the recession. Little does David know that Frank's company is involved in a murderous plot to cover up years of mortgage fraud in the Sunshine State.

As David prepares for a trial that will make or break his career, he discovers that a secret investor in Frank’s company i...
The Bad Author, by William Hazelgrove
A literary-thriller penned in the motif of a Raymond Chandler mystery. This rollercoaster ride of a novel is centered on cop/author Derek Pelican who investigates the murder of a writer in an alley in Chicago. Adding to the murder mayhem, a literary agent turns up dead in Lake Michigan and then a prominent editor is murdered. As it turns out, a disgruntled author is behind the killings and Derek Pelican must work around the clock to stop him before he kills again. The Bad Author takes us on a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants ride from Chicago to New York to find out who is behind the killing of literary agents, writers, and publishers. A smart man's mystery, The Bad Author is the first in a series of more novels to come featuring Derek Pelican...
New Light, New Life, New You!: The Outsmarted Man's Way to Happiness, by Elijah Mcleon
A new way of looking at life, living it anew to be a new you is what this book is all about. A breakthrough in experiences of the author reveals a way to happiness, never been told before; yet it is also a timeless guide for everyone serious about what life is all about.
It invites you to take a break for a moment; stop for a while, and consider what is behind your “fuss and bother”. In all that you do, it asks you what you really want.
Have you dig deep into your heart, into your soul, into your mind. You tire yourself working, because you want to eat and drink. You want to satisfy your hunger and thirst. You rest and sleep, because you want a relaxing life. You play, exercise and have holidays. You look for amusements an...
Floating Upstream: A novel about a young Italian girl coming of age as a first generation migrant in Australia, by Jo Vraca
Julia Marconi has a simple dream—to get out of Goldburne, the stinking hot town in rural Australia, where she’s followed the rules her whole life. She dreams of adventures far away from her violent father whose only goal is to maintain his old world values in changing times. Julia longs for true love rather than the match “made” for her years ago.
Super spunk Robbie Ventura and the arrival of the Carnival add unseen complications to her life, just as she’s ready to settle in and stay out of trouble. It’s all so tantalising. Just a taste here and there won’t hurt. After all, she’s an excellent liar. So with her brother’s motto, “Don’t get caught,” stuck in her head, Julia tries to survive her senior year of hig...
Stile - Book One: "When the stage lights come on...I don't realize he would be the one to change my life.", by Katherine King
Harley is a global sensation rock star starting to feel there is something missing from his life. Kate is about to embark on her career but still has many dreams to fulfill. When Harley spots Kate at one of his concerts, he invites her backstage but Kate unexpectedly declines. To Harley's astonishment he thinks about her for many days after, feeling for the first time, a desperation that he will never see her again. Days later, he spots her at an awards after party...with her boyfriend. Harley has never been one to give up but Kate, sensible Kate, wants nothing to do with the playboy rock star...even though she has never experienced such an intense attraction before.

This is the story of Harley & Kate. Two people from two diffe...
In His Corner, by Vina Arno
Work Out
No sex for almost a year could kill a guy, but when you’re the boxer known as the Juggernaut, it’s the price you pay for turning pro. Tommy’s fully dedicated to his craft, until he meets the incredibly gorgeous Dr. Siena Carr. Now he’s looking forward to taking on this prim and proper lady in a wet and wild work-out…
Knock Out
Siena has seen many patients come through the ER, but none as sexy as Tommy Raines. With a nasty cut over his eye, she knows he needs stitches, but after he takes off his shirt, she needs some air. With rock-hard abs and taut biceps, it’s clear this man takes care of his body. And all Siena can think about is letting him take care of hers…
Touching Spirits, by KEVIN ROBERT HILL
Under a palm leaf roof, a frog named Ralph living in his toilet tank, police sergeant Cody Brannon has come to this Caribbean village to fight the men stalking him.

But something he can’t see grabs his arm each night and shakes him awake.
Why do strange old Mayas sit outside his house at night and paint glyphs on his door? Are they watching or protecting him?

Kane Monroe Book One, by G. G. Rebimik
A passionate love story. In 1880 a youth of seventeen leaves home to hunt a ruthless outlaw across the wild west who destroyed his love in a previous life.


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