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"Catching the Laundryman," by Trevor Thomas

Don't miss this international thriller that hurls its readers into the intricacies of high-stakes financial crime. $0.99 today!

Catching The Laundryman, by Trevor Thomas
Price: $0.99
388 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 11 reviews

"One of the best thrillers I have read in years. The plot twists are many and excellent. It is a shadowy world and no one is who they seem to be and nothing is what it appears to be. Read this one if you like thrillers and are curious about the nuts and bolts of financial crime." -- Amazon Reviewer

The Novel
In the heart of city there is a man who processes the cash of the principal cocaine dealers in London. He launders their money. He turns dirty money into clean money and he transfers it to anywhere in the world. One man. The police know of him because they have successfully infiltrated a number of the large drug cartels. That is, they know of his existence but they don’t know who he is or how he operates. They have dubbed him ‘The Laundryman.’
Dr Andrew Stuart is a highly respected international tax consultant, who yearns for the love of the beautiful, black and seemingly unattainable Tania Berkeley, the younger sister of his best friend BB. When Tania is arrested for money laundering and Stuart in an act of chivalry stands her bail, it sets in motion a chain of events that leads to Stuart’s own arrest. Dr Stuart: an expert in offshore finance, a creator of offshore companies and trusts. The police want to believe they have caught their man. One officer, DC Clarke, believes otherwise. The Laundryman, he argues, is cold, methodical, precise and unemotional. He would never have stood bail for Tania Berkeley.
Enlisting the help of his fiercely loyal PA Anita Hume, his best friend BB, Tania’s alcoholic lawyer Billy Carver, and an off-duty DC Clarke, Dr Stuart attempts to clear his name. He must do what the police with their huge resources and expertise have been unable to do. He must identify and catch the Laundryman.

BBC Open Book Choice for ‘Favourite Reads’
Shortlisted for the Harry Bowling Prize
“…an extremely well-written and plotted financial thriller” Orion
“…a fabulous tale with some equally memorable scenes and characters” HarperCollins

The Author
Trevor Thomas is a tax lawyer and accountant, with a PhD in offshore tax planning. He has acted for high profile sportspeople and entertainers, and was special advisor to a Caribbean government on how to set up an offshore financial centre. Dealing with asset protection and inventive tax structures, Trevor invariably clashed with national and regulatory authorities. He has battled and endured. ‘Catching The Laundryman’ draws on his personal and professional experience, which he has mixed with exuberant imagination and outrageous literary licence.
His latest novel "Spinning A Spider's Web" was published in July 2015.

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Meet the Author

Trevor Thomas is a former international tax consultant. Having graduated with a Law Degree from Warwick University, he qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Arthur Andersen and specialized in taxation at Deloitte Touche. He set up his own firm T L Thomas & Co in 1988, Trevor holds a Master Degree in International and Comparative Business Law and a PhD in International Revenue Law. His doctoral thesis was on offshore tax planning.

Trevor has acted for high profile sportspeople and entertainers, and was a Special Advisor to a Caribbean Government on how to set up an Offshore Financial Centre. Dealing with tax investigations, offshore finance and inventive tax structures, Trevor inevitably clashed with national and regulatory authorities. He has battled and endured.

His Favourites
Literary Novel 'Another Country' James Baldwin
Crime Fiction 'The Long Goodbye' Raymond Chandler
Play 'King Lear', William Shakespeare
Poem 'The Raven', Edgar Allen Poe
Album 'Modern Times', Bob Dylan
Film 'Pulp Fiction'
TV Series 'Breaking Bad'

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