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The "Corrupt Skies" series, by Alex Rodgers

In the "Corrupt Skies" series, Harris Fox is an Air Marshall assigned to a special mission -- to get to the bottom of a series of bank robberies where the evidence points to possible involvement by an aircraft crew. The first book in the series is a free download today for your Kindle. Read on!

Corrupt Skies: Episode I, by Alex Rodgers

"Full of dynamic action, comic situations, witty jokes, fresh humour and unexpected events. The characters in this book are very well portrayed and the reader can get a full picture of their looks and temper. There is enough intrigue to keep the reader guessing & wanting to read more. Good story!" -- Amazon reviewer

An air marshal on a bank robbery case?


As a series of armed bank robberies spring up in every corner of the nation, burnt-out Air Marshal Harris Fox finds himself thrust in the middle of this high-profile case. The danger unfolds and conspiracy unravels. With lives at stake, and his family in the balance, can Fox solve the case before it's too late?

˃˃˃ A humorous, action-packed, suspense thriller, this is the serial for fans of movies like Bad Boys, Die Hard, and Lethal Weapon.

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Meet the Author

Alex Rodgers is the author of the Corrupt Skies series. He is a military veteran and civil servant who got tired of reading about CIA and FBI Agents and thought Air Marshals would be cool.

Corrupt Skies: Episode I is his first foray into book writing, which started out as a short story. He is now happily writing the fourth novel in the series.

When he's not writing you can find him shamelessly plugging his books by reading the chapters out loud to a captive audience on the DC metro (not really). He enjoys paintballing and spending time with his wife and children at their home in Northern Virginia.

No stuffed animals were harmed during writing of his books.

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