Tuesday, December 9, 2014

"Cake or Death," by Sarah Rielle

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Cake or Death, by Sarah Rielle
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340 pages, with a 4.0-star rating from 25 reviews

"My inner voice is still chattering on in Sarah Rielle's hilarious Irish brogue. This was a really fun and emotional book. I alternated between crying my eyes out and laughing hilariously throughout the whole thing. Vivid, endearing characters face heart wrenching trials of life. Especially enjoyed the local slang. Sincerely looking forward to reading her next book." -- Amazon reviewer

When Grace decided to enlist the help of her parents in leaving her abusive husband, she hadn’t realised she would be forbidden to change her mind.

Stranded in the Irish countryside of Kildare, recuperating, with only an overprotective hound for company, Grace did her best to deal with the awful news the hot doctor had delivered.

Hoping to just quietly waste away, she wasn’t expecting to reconnect with her family and discover unexpected, yet deeply healing friendships in her new surroundings. She had been so ashamed to bear her truth to people, but as it turned out, they all seemed to be dealing with issues of their own...

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Meet the Author

Sarah Rielle; Author, Eater, Entrepreneur...

Irish novelist Sarah lives in Dublin, gloating about the fact she has published two whole novels. Although she wishes she had twenty. She's probably in bed right now, writing the next. Or online reading about natural, homemade hair masks for impossibly shiny hair. But it's ok - it's not wasted time - she's going to blog about it in the hope of helping you achieve perfect shiny hair too. And other stuff, like a healthy Nutella alternative that actually tastes good (though probably not much like Nutella; only really sugar and vegetable oil can do that). Join her in being kind of green, kind of clean (living, not necessarily hair) and enormously smug about it on her upcoming blog at www.SarahRielle.com

Although Sarah is also on Twitter and Facebook, she is equally useless on both. That might change soon, perhaps when the blog gets underway, so go ahead and follow her if you like. We assume you're in work and have nothing better to do anyway.

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