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"My Life Among the Fairies of Walnut Ridge," by Michael E. Glasscock

My Life Among the Fairies of Walnut Ridge, by Michael E. Glasscock III
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"A story I wish could happen! From the opening pages, the premise of this book..... that tiny fairies are able to change back and forth into humans and interact with other humans while either fairies or humans is something not just anyone can dream up! . I liked the sassy, "I can take you!" attitude of the fairies when faced with apparently insurmountable odds.... who DOESN'T wish for some supernatural help every now and then... and I love the amazed and dazed expressions of those who witness their shenanigans and machinations. Original and intriguing in concept and piercingly accurate in the satire of our political system, this book is a delightful read and will make you hope that more such treats are in store for us from this author." -- Amazon reviewer

A satiric political fable -- and a magical romance over two hundred years in the making.

Preacher Jack knows you won't believe his story. Why should you? He's only the alcoholic lay preacher in Walnut Ridge, Tennessee, a community of fifteen hundred living creatures (including animals) located "so far up a deep holler in the Smoky Mountains that our children is damn near born with one leg shorter than the other." So when Preacher Jack tells you that he's fallen in love with a tiny Celtic fairy who's lived in Walnut Ridge for over two hundred years, just why should you believe him?

But when Preacher Jack meets the fairy Maybelle by the creek in his back yard, his life begins to turn around -- and upside down -- in this fast-paced story filled with fairy dances, flying trucks, small-town drug hustlers, and strange, new-blooming romance. And when Jack and Maybelle come face to face with an all-too-modern political evil, it's up to the two of them to work to take their town -- and their country -- back.

From the author of Utopia, Texas and the Round Rock quartet of novels (Little Joe, The Trial of Dr. Kate) comes My Life Among the Fairies of Walnut Ridge, a fantastical, Southern-tinged detour into a world of strange magic that exists just beyond our sight... a world maybe closer to our own than we believe.

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Meet the Author

For the first eight years of his life Michael E. Glasscock III lived on his grandfather's cattle ranch a few miles south of the small community of Utopia, Texas. At the beginning of World War II, he moved to a small town in Tennessee not unlike the mythical Round Rock portrayed in his fiction series. Michael decided to study medicine, and he graduated from the University of Tennessee Medical School at age twenty-four.

Nashville, Tennessee, was the site of his otology/neurotology practice, where he was associated with Vanderbilt University as a clinical professor, and where he continues to be part of the faculty as an adjunct professor. He retired from full-time clinical practice in 1997 and moved back to Texas where he continues to work as a consultant for three major medical device companies. He currently resides in Austin, Texas.

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