Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kindle Fire Free App of the Day: Calculator Pro

Today's Free App of the Day is Calculator Pro
Originally $0.99

This is an attractive but flawed calculator. I wanted to like it. I do like it but it has an issue explained below. I like the appearance of this calculator. In portrait mode, it is a basic four function calculator with a memory key. In landscape mode, it is a scientific calculator. You can choose between five skins, though one of them is a hideous (to me) bright pink skin. Some of the one star reviews indicate it displays poorly on a phone, but it was fine on my 7" Fire HDX. It correctly changes to scientific display when in landscape mode. Unlike as stated in some of the one star reviews, answers did not display in scientific notation (2.0 e3). Perhaps that is only on small phone displays. However, one reviewer had an example of calculating using sine and cosine and getting inaccurate results. It appears to me that using the sine and cosine and other functions on the scientific calculator, the calculator does not clear the prior result when you enter a new calculation, so it multiplies the new calculation by the prior result. For example, if you enter 2x3= the result is 6. If you immediately enter sin 90= you'll see the 6 is still on the history bar (below the number display) and that sin(90)= immediately follows it. Since sin(90) is 1, the calculation is correct. But it should clear the prior calculation if the = key was pressed at the end of the calculation. Resolve this by pressing clear in between computations, but you shouldn't have to do so. The developers need to resolve this.

309 of 380 reviews are four stars and above.

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