Friday, June 12, 2015

Book Discovery! (Friday June 12)

It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Triangle of Hope, by Michael Meyer
Uplifting contemporary fiction

Who knew that a chance encounter would change their lives forever?

Clint Westerly has it all; that is, until he makes a fateful decision that turns his life upside down.

Tanya Wilshire has sheer determination to fulfill her mother's dying wish, although she seemingly has now lost the means to do so.

Seamus Harrington, eighty-four years of age, is determined to right an old wrong before it is too late, even though the odds are heavily stacked against him.

Together, these three unlikely allies heal not only themselves but an entire community.

If you love feel-good reads with ha...
A Demon's Wrath (The Nine Kingdoms Book 1), by Alexia Praks
Demon Series Book 1: A Demon’s Wrath
(A Nine Kingdoms Book Vol. 1)

WELCOME TO THE NINE KINGDOMS, a world where humans, angels, and demons lived side by side. A realm where revenge passed on from one generation to another, wars between kingdoms raged for centuries, treachery and loyalty merged into one gray line, and love could heal the wound of hatred.

A Demon’s Wrath: Demon Series Book 1 is a paranormal fantasy romance story about the formidable demon king Drake McNamara and spirited Cecelia Van Zandt.
* * *

When the formidable warrior Drake McNamara discovers his precious Pearl of Life, a powerful treasure that has the ability to cure any poison, gone missi...
Murder at The Galvez (The Sydney Lockhart Mysteries Book 3), by Kathleen Kaska
Eighteen years after discovering the murdered body of her grandfather in the foyer of the historic Galvez Hotel, Sydney Lockhart reluctantly returns to Galveston, Texas to cover the controversial Pelican Island Development Project conference. Soon after her arrival, the conference is cancelled; the keynote speaker is missing. When his body turns up in the trunk of Sydney’s car, she’s hauled down to the police station for questioning.

The good news is Sydney has an alibi this time; the bad news is she finds another body—her father’s new friend—he’s floating facedown in a fish tank with a bullet in his head. Her father’s odd behavior and the threatening notes delivered to her hotel room leads Sydney to suspect that h...
The Mahabharata --- Sons of Gods: The Mother of all Epic Sagas, by Sharon Maas
A baby abandoned. A queen dishonoured. And a cataclysmic war that would end the Third Age of Mankind.

This is a new version of the magnificent Indian epic, rewritten as an epic novel. The Mahabharata is a grand and timeless story yet to be discovered in the West; it's a book that has endured the millennia, a perennial best-seller, a story as enthralling as it is moving, as thrilling as it plucks the emotional chords.

The story in a nutshell:
Karna, sired by the Sungod Surya, is born to the unmarried princess Kunti. She abandons him to the river; he is found and raised by a low-caste couple.

Spurned by all, Karna finds a friend and ally in the avaricious and wicked prince Duryodhana. But Duryodh...
A Tiding Of Magpies: Monkey Queen Book Four, by Robert Dahlen
“One for sorrow, two for joy.”

When Jiao, a princess from Faerie's Far Lands, comes to the Wonderland Diner and Tavern looking for help, it's showtime for the Monkey Queen! Michiko and her best friend, Beth McGill, have to rescue the princess' boyfriend from the minions of a scheming warlord, and then race against time and fend off goblins, ogres and monsters to fulfill a prophecy.

But Michiko has been hiding something from everyone, even Beth, and no secret is forever. And when that secret is revealed...

Everything will change for Michiko and Beth....
Mediterranean Cruise: With The Cruise Addict's Wife, by Deb Graham
Mediterranean Cruise with the Cruise Addict's Wife

All the information you could ever want on a ship is available online, or in the cruise line’s brochures...stats, weights, where the ship was built, all those dry facts and figures. When we began dreaming about taking on the Mediterranean, my mind leaped right past all that. What I really wanted to know was how real people actually did the cruise planning. I wanted to know where did they go, and what did they do, and what did they like, what did they wish that they had done differently? What did they learn along the way, what did they enjoy the most, what do they wish they had not wasted time on?

What I really wanted was to have a conversation with a whole bunch of peopl...
The Last Day, by Emily Organ
"A fast-paced novel, that promises to be implausible, captivating, uplifting and thought-proving in equal measure." - Writers and

He predicted when he would die. That day has now arrived.

When George was eleven years old he dreamt the date of his death: September 12th 1985. Now he’s fifty three and that day has arrived.

His wife is unhappy with their marriage and he’s fallen out with his daughter. His brother is bitter George got the family inheritance.

There’s the jealous business rival who’s an underworld gangster. And there's a spurned mistress too.

The best hit man this side of London is on the case - but who has hired him?

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