Thursday, January 15, 2015

Amazon Fire Free App of the Day: PeakFinder Earth and Bonus App

Today's Free App of the Day is PeakFinder Earth
Originally $3.99

This is a quirky but intriguing addition to a hiking app repertoire. It shows you the view from the top of various peaks and labels the mountains you can see. You can also pinch or spread to zoom in and out. It needs some work. The controls and menu system aren't all intuitive, and the initial mountain peak database isn't complete. You need to tap on the i icon to go to info and then tap on coverage to go to the world map. Pinch or spread to change the part of the world you are viewing. You can tap on the map to select a tile of overage to install. The first tile installed was my local area. The tile includes the map and elevation data and the peaks that can be searched in the database. I recommend that users check out the user's manual at This is definitely better than the reviews indicate, even with the flaws. I recommend downloading it and fiddling with it a bit. I'm going to use it when we go hiking in San Diego to try to figure out the view from the top of Mt Laguna. it's worth having as part of your collection with hopes it improves. But I also have a KBAAD.

6 of 16 reviews are four stars and above.

So we have a bonus pick: MyTopo Maps by Trimble Outdoors.

This is the free version of a well reviewed hiking topo map app. You can upgrade to the pro map, though the map that showed my location here in Alexandria was pretty good. From the product page: Explore like never before. MyTopo Maps is a mapping and trip planning app to organize all your outdoor and backroad adventures. Note: This app is designed for the Kindle Fire. View more than 68,000 topo maps in US and Canada. Also, check out aerial, terrain, street and hybrid maps. Mark points, find places and store all your trip info on the Trip Cloud, a wireless service that allows you to access your trips on any device. This app is BEST FOR: Scouting trails, exploring parks, planning outdoor vacations, viewing backcountry areas on topo maps and aerial photos, finding forest roads and campsites, preplanning hiking trails, camping and ATV offroad trips ------ START WITH A GREAT MAP - View five different map types: streets, hybrid, aerial, topo and terrain. - MyTopo Maps provides the most up-to-date topos maps available in the United States. We have enhanced more than 14,000 USGS quads with digital updates from the U.S. Forest Service and other map providers. - Access more than 68,000 topo maps in US and Canada that are seamlessly stitched together for fast and easy viewing. Topos scales are 1:24K in the Lower 48, 1:63K in Alaska and 1:50K in Canada. - See two maps at once. No single map type has all the essential details to plan a trip. So turn on Dual Map View and fade between two different map types.  375 of 488 reviews are four stars and above.

Compatibility of apps varies. To tell if an app works for your Fire tablet or other Android device registered to your Amazon account, click on the above link and look on the right side of the web page for the "compatible devices" link.

Have fun!

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