Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Audiobook Spotlight: Two Stories About Dreams: "The Hunter and the Dame" and "Fairy Trap"

Looking for an audiobook? We've got one for you! Check out "Two Stories about Dreams: 'The Hunter and the Dame' and 'Fairy Trap'" by Ainny Klover.

Two Stories About Dreams: "The Hunter and the Dame" and "Fairy Trap", by Ainny Klover, narrated by Chris Sharpes
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2 hours 28 minutes


Let your imagination run wild with stories of danger and romance.
Wouldn't it be fun to experience firsthand the carefree life of a vagabond and a hunter, do battle with a dragon, find romance at the end of the world? Wouldn't it be even better to board a tram going to a land where fairy tales come to life? It definitely would! But as our characters themselves discover, you, too, will learn that imagination is a double-edged sword, for living a dream is not the same as a dream come true.
Two Stories About Dreams brings two wildly imaginative stories together into one audiobook. "The Hunter and the Dame" tells the story of a young and carefree hunter who entered the gates of the Sun City thinking only of decent lodging for the night. Little did he know that he was destined to slay a dragon and fall in love with a beautiful noblewoman. But was the dragon real, and was the beautiful woman all that she seemed?
"Fairy Trap" takes you on a journey with a traveler who falls asleep on a night tram and becomes the victim of three enchantresses in a match of their skills of seduction. Who was to win the contest, and was there to be a winner? The traveler wakens only to find that the dreams linger on.
For your listening enjoyment, at the end of the audiobook you will find the soundtracks - written by the author - to both of these enchanting romantic mysteries. So sit back, relax, and let your imagination run wild with Two Stories About Dreams.

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