Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Book Discovery! Books from KBoards authors

It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Twitter Influence - How to Manifest Power, Skyrocket Authority and Supercharge Your Business: Proven Twitter Marketing Blueprint to Attract Influencers and Turn Twitter into Viral Machine., by Oleg Ilin
How to Use Untapped Twitter Marketing Techniques to Get Thousands of Free Targeted Twitter Followers, Build Rapport with Influencers and Celebrities, and Catapult Your Business to the New Heights.
*Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Dear reader, I deeply appreciate your interest in this book, and promise to make it worth your while. Everybody is searching high and low for the most effective ways to generate genuine and targeted Twitter followers. So I’ll share with you numerous proven free and low cost techniques that will draw thousands of followers to you like a moth to flame.

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Survive Ruinland: Chronicles of Lauren Vasquez (Dark Apocalypse Book 0), by C.J. Anderson
"Vasquez is the most badass, revenge seeking woman ever." - Amazon reviewer

The machines threatened her life and her child. Now they will pay the price.

Year 2132. Megabunker, Fort Bragg. Post-Apocalypse. The searing dark chronicles of human and synthetic life continue in Survive Ruinland. Lauren Vasquez will join forces with an elite military unit to seek revenge on the homicidal A.I. Sophia and the ultraviolent combat synthetic Chiron. New alliances and new enemies will be revealed as humans and synthetics all struggle to survive....
The Watcher's Keep: An Epic Fantasy (The Triadine Saga Book 1), by Timothy Bond
A thousand years has passed since the war which nearly destroyed the world. Elves, Dwarves and men have become isolated and distrustful of one another. Evil once again grows strong and threatens to send the world into darkness forever.

Are the twins really The Children of Prophecy? Is their quest to recover the Triadine an impossible task? Will the world fall into darkness under the control of the evil wizard Khollaran?

An epic fantasy adventure quest, with world building like Jordan, Goodkind or Eddings. Twists and turns, intrigue and magic, wizards, dragons and more.

Book 1 of The Triadine Saga...
The Red Rooster, by Michael Wallace
Of all the desperate women in German-occupied Paris, Gabriela Reyes is the least likely to scratch out her survival as a whore for a Gestapo agent. After fascists murdered her mother and brother and tortured her father in an insane asylum, she hates the Germans as much as she fears them. But when she discovers the man responsible for destroying her family, she decides to become his mistress to try to free her father and avenge her family.

Helmut von Cratz is a war profiteer using his wealth to undermine the Third Reich and is one meeting with an American agent away from ending the German occupation of France.

But Gabriela's sudden appearance as Colonel Hoekman's mistress jeopardizes Helmut's careful plans. Now he m...
The Wishing Coin: A Modern Fairy Tale Novella, by Antara Man
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TV reporter Julia Preston is frustrated in life and love......until a street vendor sells her a magical coin that fulfills all her darkest wishes.
Denied a promised promotion, TV reporter Julia Preston learns that it went instead to ambitious newcomer Bailey. Even worse, she discovers that Bailey is dating her ex. Walking home, seething with anger, Julia encounters a street vendor selling wishing coins. Skeptical, she's not ...
Priestess of the Dragons' Temple (Anamat Book 2), by Amelia Smith
Once, Iola flew with a dragon. She might fly again, but only if she can become ambassadress to the dragons' realm. First, though, she must navigate life as an ordinary priestess, which is not quite what she'd hoped for. Some of her fellow priestesses dragon-blind and corrupt. Worse, they see Iola's devotions as evidence of greed.

Then the ambassadress returns, too sick to fly again. Iola and three other young priestesses are chosen nurse her, and to have a chance at taking her place. Iola's main rival, Tiagasa, was raised in a prince's palace. She thrives on political intrigue and gossip, and her lover is about to become governor of the city.

Iola is just a village girl dazzled by dragons. Her few friends and alli...
The World's a Stage, by Joyce Harmon
All the world’s a stage for Peter Barton, a wandering actor now posing as a gentleman in Regency high society. But his carefree existence is jeopardized when a matchmaking mama tries to snare him for her dowdy daughter. To avoid entanglement and exposure, Peter needs a mistress – or at least someone willing to play the part.

The stage is no place for a lady, but when proper young lady Amy Greenlow is left destitute with a young sister to support, she dares to reinvent herself as the actress “Amadora” and takes the London stage by storm. But all Society knows that actresses are women of no virtue, and a ruthless Marquis is determined to make Amadora his latest mistress and won’t take no for an answer. To discourage his...
Transpecial, by Jennifer R. Povey
A ship has vanished in the dark, in the very outer reaches of Earth's solar system. Alien invaders sweep through the void, destroying outposts and threatening humanity. The truth is known only to a few: We fired first. We fired on aliens whose very appearance and body language sent all humans into a flying rage. All but a few. Now an autistic savant from Mars and an alien diplomat seek peace...while some on both sides desire only conflict. Suza McRae and Haniyar must bridge the gap between their species, or risk a war that will destroy everything and everyone in its path....

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