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"A Date with Fate (The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod, Book 1)," by Tracy Ellen

Like your rom-coms smart and sexy? Then meet bookstore owner Anabel Axelrod in this engaging series, with Book 1 available for free today!

A Date with Fate (The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod, Book 1), by Tracy Ellen
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231 pages, with a 4.1-star rating from 358 reviews

"I can't honestly remember the last time I laughed so much while reading a book. The author has a great sense of humor which she generously passed to the main character. And what a character Anabel Axelrod is! She is bright, tough, independent, hardworking, and sexy--five feet of a fiery woman. She is also a smart mouth, she lives life on her own terms and is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and to act accordingly. there is not a dull moment in the whole book. I loved Anabel's character and her adventures so much that by the third chapter I knew that I would want to buy all the books in the series." -- Amazon reviewer

Welcome to the world of Anabel Axelrod!

Hold on to your seat for the beginning of a fun ride. This is not your traditional romance wrapped up in a nice box and tied with a HEA pretty bow. A Date with Fate is the debut novel by Tracy Ellen, and the first volume in The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod ongoing series. Experience action, sex, wit, romance, mystery, mayhem, friends, family, flashbacks, fantasies, much laughter, and an “OMG!” cliffhanger--all in one roller-coaster ride of a wild weekend.

Smart and sexy bookstore owner Anabel Axelrod is happily satisfied with the routine of her life. She enjoys her work, the company of good friends and family, and casual dates with men that are willing to follow her ironclad rules on dating. Until she meets Luke Drake, the not too tall, definitely not handsome, but deliciously dark new man in town. Falling crazy in lust and sharing her deepest desires with an experienced man like Luke is definitely not in Anabel’s plans, but Luke has plans of his own. He follows no rules, control is his middle name, and he has set his sights on Anabel. But the sassy blonde bookseller's desire for the mysterious Luke is not her only concern. Anabel is about to experience an exciting, dangerous, steamy, and hilariously wild weekend beyond anything she could imagine. Will Anabel Axelrod tempt fate and bend her own rules, or will she walk away unbroken?

The next three volumes in The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod series, Courted by Karma, In Love by Design, and Adieu to Destiny are available wherever books are sold. Look for Family & Fortune, Volume Five in this fabulously fun series to be released in the spring 2015!

*This series is meant for the entertainment of an adult audience. Please do not purchase this book if cliffhangers, strong sexual situations or explicit language offend you.

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