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"The Adventures of Zeppi," by C.K. Omillin

"Beautifully illustrated and written."

"A great children's book anyone will love."

So say readers of C.K. Omillin's "The Adventures of Zeppi," the first in the author's 'New Friends' series. Read on!

The Adventures of Zeppi - A Penguin Story - #1 New Friends, by C.K. Omillin
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42 pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 29 reviews

"This was a nice enticing story, I'm looking forward to the following adventures of Zeppi. It is a simple clear story, complete in itself but leaves you wanting for the continuity. I feel it is reassuring in addressing a fact many kids face: being afraid to be alone away from their parents. Also discerning that there may be bad people, but good people too. Also obviously touches the idea of environment by way of a compost heap. The drawings are cute, a child could want to try and imitate them. Short but ideal length for a youngster. Highly recommended!" -- Amazon reviewer

The Adventures of Zeppi series - Penguin Books for Kids!

How it all started ...A lonely boy named Alesdor wishes for a new friend. One morning he discovers a penguin is his garden. A penguin! How is that possible? Is the penguin lost? Did it escape from a zoo?

Book #1 - New Friends: Will Alesdor keep Zeppi the penguin and give him a new home?

The Zeppi Adventures Collection: #1 New Friends - #2 Circus - #3 Learning - #4 Greenback Town - #5 Cackle Island - #6 Dinosaur Museum - #7 Sleepover at the Farm - #8 Trip to the Castle - #9 Ghosts at the Castle
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Meet the Author

Writer by day and artist by night and inspired by the world around us, bestselling author Charlotte Omillin loves creating the adventures of Zeppi the penguin.

Omillin believes we must do all we can to respect our environment and she weaves ecological tips through her stories.

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