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"Molly's Revenge," by Ricky Vernio

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Molly's Revenge: the story of a girl from Pennsylvania who would not be deterred by the American Revolution, by Ricky Vernio
Price: $2.99
568 pages, with a 3.3-star rating from 3 reviews

"The story is a swashbuckling adventure as it follows the stories of the main characters, as their paths crisscross each others over a period of several years. Cameo appearances by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and King George III lend to the historical atmosphere and not a little humor as they interact with our characters. The author, Mr. Vernio, keeps the reader close to the characters, with dialogue that moves along with a sense of unpretentious familiarity and ease that will draw you into his story and then take you for a ride that you will thoroughly enjoy." -- Amazon reviewer

The narrator's perspective:

This is the story of a young woman who was betrayed by the man she loved, and spent years planning her revenge:a wealthy widow in the daytime, a highway robber by night. She was personally acquainted with Thomas Jefferson who had a major influence on her ex-husband's life and career.

Hector's perspective:

I build ships. The Revolutionary War? Man, folks should figure out once for all what kind of government they want, stop fighting and bickering about it, and turn their attention on my brilliant new designs. I met this woman, and I fell in love with her. Her true identity was soon revealed to me: she's a robber chief. I did turn her over to the authorities, but that was for her own protection. I had my reasons. Four years later I met her again, and we married. If that isn't proof enough of my loyalty, I don't know what is. Revenge and redemption are not interchangeable. Technically, she's still my wife.

Molly's perspective:

My womanizing husband was away, possibly dead (shot for spying in England), and I had a large estate to manage, and no income. I wasn't proud of being a robber. I had no alternative. I fell in love with Hector. I'm not proud of my membership in the adultery club either, but I hadn't seen my idiot husband in three years; what's a girl to do? I figured Miles was dead anyway. My lover turned me over to the authorities after taking advantage of me. They tossed my ass in jail. The American Revolution swept through those parts of Pennsylvania without affecting my lot one bit. The new authorities didn't care for me anymore than the old ones. Then my cretin husband suddenly comes back and stages a jail break. I didn't need him: I would have done it without him. All I needed was a little bit more time. So he got me out. So what? Was I supposed to be grateful? As for taking revenge on Hector, I had to do it: the bastard who ruined my life.

Miles's perspective:

I got the crazy bitch out of jail, and I offered her protection. Thomas Jefferson is my employer; I have influence in high places. She declined. She had a plan. She'd stay away for some years, and then marry the shipbuilder. Have kids with him. All along this was part of her big revenge plan. Distract him by being his wife for about ten years, then frame him for murder, the idea being that revenge is best served when one's perfectly safe at home. She's sick. I had to go back to Europe for a while. (Brightening up). I rescued a couple of aristocrats from the French Revolution. Well, all, right, just one. Yes, a woman. A former mistress, whatever. Nothing wrong with a little romance. I saved Jefferson's life a couple of times, and I don't hear him complaining. After my sojourn in Paris, I dropped by the Buckingham Palace gardens. George III and I are old friends. Yes, Jefferson knows, and George knows I'm a spy. It's no big deal. My ex? I taught the crazy bitch all she knows about fencing and handling firearms. In my defense, I must say there was no proper entertainment where we lived when we were married: no theatres, no dance halls; and you can only eat, sleep, and engage in sexual congress so much; sooner or later, you'll have to find a hobby. So I gave her lessons.

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Meet the Author

Ricky Vernio is a storyteller, artist, and historian. His stories are fast-paced, riveting, and highly unusual. He lives in New York City.

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