Friday, April 18, 2014

Book Discovery Day! (Friday Apr 18)

It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
The Solitude Myth, by Bill Lloyd
All truth is subjective. At least that is what David believes as he sets out to change his life. A New Yorker in his early thirties, he breaks up with Hannah - the woman he's been with since college days - and moves to Paris to work for an international aid agency. He enjoys the challenge of his new job and the understated love affair he embarks upon with the quintessential Parisian Colette, but at some point his carefully scripted story goes awry. After returning from a brief vacation he begins to experience memory lapses. He visits the enigmatic Dr. Schlichter who advises him to seek rest in the town of Saint-Jude located somewhere in the south of France. As he struggles to regain control of his life he keeps bumping into people who seem ...
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Shirley Martin Special Edition (Night Shadows, Night Secrets and One More Tomorrow 3in1), by Shirley Martin
Books We Love is pleased to offer a Shirley Martin Special Edition containing the novels, Night Shadows, Night Secrets and One More Tomorrow

Night Shadows
Fianna leaves home to escape having to marry a man she doesn't love. She travels to another city, far away, hoping to escape detection. There she meets Gaderian, but she doesn't realize he is a vampire. Forced to support herself, she works as a fortune teller in a tavern, and there she meets Gaderian again. She is caught between three different men who want her, each for his own reason. The demon, Stilo, wants her as his sex slave. Angus, the man she refused to marry, won't give up in his search for her. And in a realm where vampires and demons battle for supremacy, she is tra...
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Dead To US: Episode 1 (Infected States of America), by Aaliyah Abdul
In the season premier of the new zombie series, Dead To US, the story unfolds in the state of North Dakota. A deadly new flu virus has crippled a small Native American community. The older generation was the first to succumb to the virus, leaving those under the age of 25 left to wonder how far and wide the virus had spread.

With no way to communicate with the outside world, and winter fast approaching, 22 year old City Morrisseau knew the situation would only worsen. But after receiving a cryptic message from a dying member of the community, City was certain that the time wasn't on the side of the living.

On their last tank of gas, City and his sister's fiance, Alex Little, departed for Bismarck in search for a va...
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The Dreamer and the Deceiver (The Last Light), by Alex Villavasso
Emil is a wanderer, a fugitive from an unjust law, and being alive is his only crime. Emil is an Abnormal - a seemingly normal human being gifted with superhuman abilities.
From the second Emil first channeled the light energy his body produced, his life was no longer his own. Abnormals like him are forced to join the king's covert division named Legion to enforce his tyranny, or be put down like beasts. For years Emil has been able to evade the hand of the king and his capture by Legion, until on a seemingly normal night Emil's village is ambushed, and he is forced to helplessly watch as a fire-manipulating Abnormal sent by the king leads a massacre that destroys everything he loves.

Enraged and sick of run...
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Gallows Ascending (Stone Quest), by Leigh Podgorski
Gallows Ascending continues the saga of tracker and pyschic visionary Luke Stone in Book Two of the Stone Quest Series.

It has been thirteen years since Luke's confrontation in the desert with his nemesis, black magician Armand Jacobi. Luke's wife Consuelo, whom he met at Eppie Falco's Desert Inn and Cafe has died, and Luke has placed himself once again in exile. This time, his wanderings have brought him to the seaside village of New Camen, New Hampshire.

Into his self-imposed solitude drops Dr. Bethany Rutledge. Accused of the murder of her eight year old daughter, stripped of her license to practice medicine, her marriage to politician Adrian Mountzaire in tatters, Beth Rutledge is haunted nightly by the chilling v...
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The Raptors (Sarah Paige Chronicles), by David A O'Neil
A New World Order?
A one government world?

The United States with a weak president and a divided government. The world in chaos and turmoil. Happenstance or a diabolical scheme? Emerging from the dark shadows are "The Raptors," human birds of prey seeking to establish a new one-world government under their iron rule. For more than a century, no one has been able to stop this mysterious force from altering entire governments, forcing resignations and where necessary, assassinations. No one is safe, not the President of the United States, not the Shah of Iran, not the Russian Premier. No one has even been able to slow down the onslaught that is gradually, nation by nation, acquiring control of the entire world. Resistance i...
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Venetian Mask: A Michaela Thompson International Thriller (#2), by Michaela Thompson
"The decaying splendor of Venice forms the backdrop for a complex and unusual murder mystery -- an elaborate, surrealistic book ripe with atmosphere, plot and characterization." -- Publishers Weekly

"...kaleidoscopic, satisfyingly intricate -- a brainy, psychologically astute cut above most mysteries." -- People Magazine

"[Ms. Thompson] is an enthralling entertainer, and one familiar with every nuance of Venice and Carnival." -- The New Yorker


The surreal splendor of Venice glitters and mesmerizes as six so-called friends who, it turns out, barely know each other meet at Carnival to play ...
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To Know Me (To Know Me Series, Book 1), by Marcy Blesy
To know me is to die.

Seventeen-year-old Mae is convinced that the consequences of her poor decisions have caused the untimely deaths of her dad, sister Laura, and grandma who all die within a year, no matter how ludicrous her thoughts seem to those she loves. The solution? Run away so no one else she cares for gets hurt (even if she has to keep a GPS tracker on her phone at all times).

Desperate to earn her diploma and salvage something of her life, she transfers schools when people get too close. After switching to Woodson Prep with only two months to go until graduation, Mae keeps her goals in sight. But when she meets Ty, the "perfect boy" with his own secrets and a relentless interest in Mae, she must decide i...
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