Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"Blood Makes Noise," by Gregory Widen

CIA agent Michael Suslov's mission to relocate the corpse of Eva Peron goes wrong, and years later he's pulled into a deadly race to unearth Evita and the secrets buried with her. From acclaimed screenwriter Gregory Widen, this thriller is $4.99 today.

Blood Makes Noise, by Gregory Widen

"Based on some startling facts surrounding the Juan and Eva Peron empire and the broken country, people, and history they exploited, this debut novel by a well-known screenwriter (Highlander; Backdraft) grips the reader from the first intriguing page. Violent, intense, and utterly captivating, this will be required reading for anyone who enjoys a good thriller, spy story, historical fiction, or fast-paced suspense story." -- Library Journal

On a summer’s night in 1955, CIA agent Michael Suslov is summoned to a secret vault in the heart of Buenos Aires. His mission: transport the corpse of Eva Peron to a new hiding place in the wake of her husband’s fall from power. But before Michael can comply, everything goes tragically, horribly wrong…
Sixteen years later, Michael Suslov is a ghost of a man, an ex-government agent living off the radar—and the only soul alive who knows where Evita is buried. When an old friend from Argentine Military Intelligence appeals to him for help bringing the body home, Michael agrees, hoping this final mission will quiet the demons from his past. But he’s not the only one on a recovery mission: two rogue CIA agents are tracking him, desperate to unearth Evita before Michael does—and to claim the secret millions they believe she took to her grave.
Based on a little-known yet fascinating true story, Blood Makes Noise is a brilliant examination of the power of the dead over the lives of the living.

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Meet the Author

A native of Laguna Beach, California, Gregory Widen is a former firefighter, NPR station host, and mountain-rescue team member. While a film student at UCLA, he penned the script for what would become the movie Highlander, starring Sean Connery. Among his other screenplays are Backdraft and The Prophecy, and his television writing includes scripts for Tales from the Crypt and Rescue 77. A committed traveler, his explorations have taken him to war-torn Somalia, Uzbekistan, Namibia, the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, the arctic island of Svalbard, Indonesia, and Argentina. He lives in Los Angeles, where he is at work on a film for Universal Pictures.

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