Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kindle Fire Free App of the Day (4/3/13): Happy Diary and Bonus App!

Today's Free App of the Day is Happy Diary
Originally $1.99

Think of this as a multimedia scrapbook. You can add music, photos, your thoughts to a page. Apparently "themes" can be added if you buy the paid version. However, there are one-star reviews that talk about losing data. I'm going to try it out to see if those issues have been resolved, but I won't get to that until later. So, in the mean time, we have a KBAAD.*

6 of 16 reviews are four stars and above.

So we have a bonus pick: Diary.

This is the free version; you can buy the "Pro" version for $0.99. Both versions are very well reviewed. In the free version, you can only add text and photos to your entries, to add audio and video, you'll need to upgrade to the Pro version. I've picked the free version up and will post about it later; if anyone else tries or has tried either of the apps today, please post! 113 of 144 reviews are four stars and above.

These apps are compatible with the original Fire and with my Fire HD 8.9" 4G. To tell if an app works for your Fire HD or other Android device registered to your Amazon account, click on the above link and look on the right side of the web page.  Amazon will tell you if it will work with your registered device.

Have fun!

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