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Free and bargain Kindle books! (Wednesday Jan 2)

The fireworks may be over, but we've got some explosive - and free - novels for you today. Don't miss these downloads! Here is today's selection of free and bargain Kindle books.

Les Misérables (English language), by Victor Hugo. (Still free?)

If you've been touched by the movie, or the play, now's the time to experience the original source material. I downloaded this version last year. It's not an easy read, and I had to push myself to get through parts of it... but it's a classic that deserves a home on your Kindle. And, it's free!

"Victor Hugo is a master of storytelling. As far as the classics go, this is my all time favorite. I adore Colette's story and how Jean Valjean swore his life to protect her when Fantine was failing." -- Mai Kale, Amazon reviewer

"It is great having this masterpiece on the Kindle, where I can easily look up words which are not in my vocabulary, and research terms and phrases on Wikipedia with a minor break in my reading." -- Mark Horwedel, Amazon review

This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

959 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 263 reviews.

Crossroads (Crossroads Saga), by Mary Ting. (Still free?)

Over 100 five-star reviews for this paranormal romance! This intriguing novel is free today.

"I'm taking a break from vampires and spending time with Mary's angels. Michael can wrap me inside his wings and take me away. Very original. So much passion and danger. I could not put it down!" -- Charlotte Blackwell

"Crossroads - a romantic adventure that keeps you guessing. Mary Ting's character, Claudia, will capture your heart and make you believe in angels." -- Joann Buchanan

"Crossroads is an exciting debut book with a rich paranormal mythology, unique angel-lore, forbidden romance, action, suspense and plot twists. With her detailed writing and a plot that flow wells, Mary created a world I enjoyed visiting, and a story that was hard to put down." -- Katie

Claudia Emerson has a good friend who shares the same first name and last name. That friend unfortunately dies in a tragic accident during homecoming dance. Claudia is distraught at the loss of her friend, but is even more disturbed by her dreams, which seem to take her to another place called Crossroads. Unknown to her, Crossroads is like a second heaven, a place between heaven and earth. It is where the souls of humans in comas or near death experiences may wander.

There, Claudia meets Michael, a nephilim, a half angel, half human, whom she often meets in her dreams. It turns out that this isn't her first visit to Crossroads, which is an enigma for no human can ever travel there until Claudia. Now the fallen and demons are after her, suspecting she must be special and it is up to Michael and the other nephilims to protect her.

Can Michael fight his growing feelings for Claudia and protect her as a guardian angel should? The answer awaits you! Follow the exciting path to Crossroads!

312 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 154 reviews.

Cool Shade, by Theresa Weir. (Still free?)

This well-loved classic, from the masterful Theresa Weir, won the RITA award for romantic suspense. Download it free today!

"This is my favorite Theresa Weir book -- and that's saying a lot because she's really good. She is not a typical romance writer. When her characters make a mistake, it's not because she's trying to make the book longer -- their mistakes grow out of their personalities. If you like music, and sensitive heroes, and people with quirks, you'll love this book." -- Anne M. Marble

"This is one of the best romances I've ever read. It combines romance with suspense but without murdering anyone! It's a total original." -- Carol Irvin.

Cool Shade is a Contemporary Romance, which means it contains sex scenes.
Heat index: 6 out of 10

Jobless, broke and anxious for a change of scenery, disc jockey Maddie Smith decides to visit her flaky, estranged sister in Nebraska. But she finds that after a brief encounter with reclusive Eddie Berlin, her baby sister has vanished without a trace. Now it's going to take every last one of Maddie's wiles, feminine and otherwise, to get close enough to Eddie to discover what has happened, and to resist his mesmerizing allure, which may be just as dangerous as it is enticing.

Maddie Smith has never been one to hang around any place too long. After losing her job as a late-night disc jockey, she has little reason to stay in Tucson. When she receives a message that her estranged sister has disappeared, she figures she might as well go to Nebraska and see what's up with her unreliable sibling. There she learns that her sister is linked to the mysterious Eddie Berlin, a recluse and a very sexy guy. Maddie takes a personal interest in Eddie as she searches for clues about the disappearance of her sister.

Meanwhile, Eddie is shouldering problems of his own. The former manager of a pop star killed by a crazed fan, Eddie feels responsible for the singer's death, and as a result, he hasn't wandered off his own property in more than four years. Still, he is attracted to Maddie, experiencing feelings he thought he would never know again. A stolen tape of a recording made by the late rock star and other clues bind the couple together. It soon becomes clear that these two deserve each other, and when they finally feel comfortable with the fit, they find they are greater as a pair than they could ever have been as individuals.

The encounters between Maddie and Eddie are anything but typical. Both are insecure, yet somehow they manage to muddle through. Author Theresa Weir has created them to be very human, characters the readers feel connected to as they witness their lives unfold.

258 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 42 reviews.

BADWATER (The Forensic Geology Series), by Toni Dwiggins. (Still $0.99?)

The popular Forensic Geology mystery series is here again. If you missed Badwater before, do yourself a favor and download this today at $0.99! And check out the rest of this highly-praised series.

"BADWATER is superb. It has a great plot with many twists and surprises, featuring real-life characters. The author did a very fine job of characterizing the disconnect between all the measures intended to assure safety and the reality of things sometimes being unsafe. Truly well-written and engaging. A joy to read." -- David Lochbaum, head of the Nuclear Safety Project, Union of Concerned Scientists

Forensic geologists Cassie Oldfield and Walter Shaws embark on a perilous hunt--tracking a terrorist who has stolen radioactive material that is hotter than the desert in August. He threatens to release it in America's most fragile national park, Death Valley.

But first he must stop the geologists who are closing in.

As the hunt turns dangerous, Cassie and Walter will need grit along with their field skills to survive this case. For they are up against more than pure human malice. The unstable atom--in the hands of an unstable man--is governed by Murphy's Law. Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.

And it does.

310 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 50 reviews.

Make a Joyful Noise, by Jenny Worstall. (Still free?)

In this enchanting story, choir rehearsals lead to petty jealousies, friendships and even romances. Author Jenny Worstall creates an ensemble of authentic characters in this engrossing read. Free today!

"Jenny Worstall is a sharp observer of human nature, is alive to the drama of situations and well able to bring her characters to life in an fascinating way." -- Bookworm, UK

"A funny romance, where the naive heroine is staggeringly trusting and the lecherous anti-hero is mercilessly sent up by the author. The splendid chapter headings are taken from Belshazzar's Feast by William Walton - The Idols and The Devils. Howl ye, Howl ye therefore etc. - and make perfect sense in the context of a story set in a choral society and a school music department. Full of impishly observed details about the characters." -- Catherine, UK

Tristan is a choral conductor, twice married and determined not to be caught again. Lucy is a young music teacher in his choir and she is besotted with him. Steve, a bass in the choir, adores Lucy while Claire, a soprano, has designs on Tristan.

Various romantic entanglements take place as the choir prepares for a performance of William Walton’s “Belshazzar’s Feast”.

Tristan and Claire start an affair that leads them in a surprising direction. The path of true love for Steve and Lucy does not run smoothly and it is after many difficulties that Lucy finally realises where her heart lies, only to face a final hurdle that seems insurmountable.

206 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 3 reviews.

Prince, Prelude-Legend, by Claudy Conn. (Still free?)

A historical romance with a touch of paranormal, this novel is free today!

"Another great read! This is the second book in this series and I was pleasantly surprised by the storyline. It follows Prince Breslyn but to me in this story he is on the back burner, getting a glimpse here and there of him. The story gives a different journey for you to follow and more background on the characters of the Fae. I at first wanted to read more about Prince Breslyn but as the story was being told I enjoyed the new characters and the interaction with the different realms. Now on to the next book." -- Wendy, Amazon reviewer

Seductive, powerful Lamia DuLaine is used to getting what she wants—and she wants Julian Talbot. From the moment she sees him in the hedonistic atmosphere of 1814 Brussels, she knows she must have the roguishly handsome lord, and nothing as inconsequential as an innocent chit of a fiancĂ©e will stand in her way. After all, Lamia has more than just beauty in her arsenal; a thousand years of living have given the DuLaine unparalleled expertise at manipulating humans, especially men.

Julian’s betrothed, Maxie Reigate, however, is more than just a simple, pretty miss; she has powers of her own—some of which even she doesn’t yet know about. And Maxie also has an ally in her corner: the Fae Prince of the House of Dagda.

But Prince Breslyn’s role in this battle may be limited, for he has another human woman to worry about, one who has been badly used by the Fae queen’s friend Gaisioch. Plus, Bres has promised his queen that in the matter of Julian, Maxie, and Lamia, he won’t directly interfere…

251 pages, with a 4.9-star rating from 11 reviews.

Moonlight Mayhem (Moon Mystery Series), by Helen Haught Fanick. (Still free?)

This free mystery is part of Helen Fanick's "Moon mystery" series. Yours to download today!

"This is my second Moon Mystery, and I enjoyed it just as much as the first. I'll be looking forward to another visit with Kathleen and Andrea in Canaan Valley when I can get another in the series...the rest of Ms. Fanick's books are going on my wish list!" -- Amazon reviewer

Maggie Flynn’s simple country wedding in West Virginia’s enchanting Canaan Valley is everything her aunts hoped for, and Andrea Flynn and Kathleen Williamson are looking forward to a joyful weekend celebration. Murder is the last thing on anyone’s mind, but when one guest has multiple enemies present, it becomes a reality. Poison in a late-night cup of tea proves fatal, and it’s obvious that plenty of family members and their friends have reason to want the victim dead.

When a second murder occurs, members of the wedding party become even more certain that a killer is stalking the halls of the Alpenhof Hotel where they’re staying. Andrea and Kathleen join forces with Sheriff Ward Sterling to figure out who’s killing the guests in this quiet mountain resort. And there are clues—or are they just red herrings? A book of poetry, a flower garden, and artificial fingernails are among the discoveries the sisters discuss with the sheriff.

They’re hoping the investigation won’t put their lives in danger, but security at the hotel is lax and door locks are flimsy. If the sisters can dig up enough clues, maybe they can solve the puzzle before the killer takes aim at them. However, at bedtime they’re bracing their door with the back of a chair, just in case.

189 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 4 reviews.

Nolander (Emanations), by Becca Mills. (Still free?)

If you don't have a copy of Nolander, download and enjoy this highly-praised fantasy. Free today!

"This is among the best of the urban fantasy genre, and it is a wonder why a major publisher has yet to pick it up. Mills has given us such a dynamic world with vibrant characters and multiple plot lines that really bring it all to life." -- Twisting the Lens 

"I simply loved Nolander. I'm going to put it out there and say that this is one of the best debut fantasy books I've read this year! It was that fantastic." -- 

"Nolander is just a very, very good read. I couldn't put it away, and the many twists and turns keep you guessing in a GOOD way and not a frustrated 'oh-my-god-what-is-going-ON!!' way. The writing style is fluent, there's lots of humour in this book, the main character is sympathetic, the supporting characters are not black-and-white or two-dimensional, and there's a great plot. Don't pass this one up. Wonderful book!" -- J. Minkman, Amazon reviewer

Amateur photographer Beth Ryder is in trouble. She's taking pictures of things she can't see, things that aren't human. Beth has her own dreams, but people like her don't get to go free. She's seized by a dangerous organization dedicated to keeping Earth's shadow world -- and its frightening inhabitants -- a secret. Forced into otherworldly politics and uncertain whom to trust, Beth must come to terms with a radically altered future -- one in which her own humanity seems to be slipping away.

Nolander is the first novel in the fantasy series Emanations.

313 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 36 reviews.

For even more free books, browse through the Quick Pick table below!

Freebie Quick Picks!

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One part biography, one part prayer book, Th...
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