Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Author profile: J.A. Beard, writer of The Emerald City

Today we're pleased to introduce J.A. Beard, author of fantasy, historical, and YA fiction.

J.A. Beard is a restless soul married to an equally restless soul. His two children are too young yet to discuss whether or not they are restless souls. He's tried his hand at several careers including intelligence analysis, programming, and research science. Though he likes to declare himself the Pie Master, he's yet to prove his worth in the brutal baking show-downs of Celebration, Florida.

His love of reading led naturally to writing. Though he likes all genres, he has a particular affinity for fantasy and historical fiction.

A trip to a Broadway show inspired his debut novel, THE EMERALD CITY, a loose contemporary YA fantasy take on the The Wizard of Oz. He's also about to release a paranormal regency romance, A WOMAN OF PROPER ACCOMPLISHMENTS.

Beside writing and baking, J.A. has a deep love of history, with a particular interest in Regency England, Joseon Korea, and Heian Japan. What his interest in hierarchical aristocratic societies means remains to be seen. He's currently in the process of conducting extensive research for a Heian-era suspense novel.

Book link: The Emerald City

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