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Free and bargain Kindle books! (Sunday Dec 2)

Here is today's selection of free and bargain Kindle books!

Blind But Now I See: The Biography of Music Legend Doc Watson, by Kent Gustavson. (Still free?)

This award winning biography delves into the life of famous music legend, Doc Watson. Pick it up for free today!

"I was fascinated by this book. How Doc crashed on couches on the road to send money home, even after he became well known. How Merle was more than just a rhythm guitarist. An extraordinary look at a national treasure." -- Al Price, Amazon reviewer

Before his death at the age of 89, Doc Watson was the true voice of Appalachian music. After being discovered in 1960 by folklorist Ralph Rinzler, the blind guitarist graced thousands of American stages with his down-home wit, deep knowledge of traditional songs, and his blistering flatpicking guitar. Over 52 years in the music business, Doc influenced every musician with a pulse, from Bob Dylan to Jerry Garcia, and from Gillian Welch to Pete Seeger.

“I never heard an off night from Doc Watson – ever, ever, ever.” – Taj Mahal

“When you listen to what Doc is doing on the guitar, it hits you right in the soul.” – Warren Haynes

“When you hear Doc Watson singing Amazing Grace, something else enters the room.” – Ben Harper

“Doc takes in the larger universe and makes it come out on the guitar.” – Bill Frisell

“I recorded ‘Strawberry Jam’ with Doc at MerleFest. After we played the set, I said, ‘Oh my God, that was as good as sex!’” – Michelle Shocked

“Doc is a force of nature. Without Doc, there would have been no anchor for the last 40 years to keep us remembering the simplicity of the old tunes.” – Peter Rowan

“There isn’t a musician anywhere who isn’t saying ‘My God, I’ll never even get close to that.’” – Mike Marshall

“You can feel the joy in Doc’s playing and hear it in his voice and the way he talks to the audience. You can just feel the joy.” – Sam Bush

“Doc is a major link in the chain of American roots music.” – David Grisman

“Doc has an unwavering authenticity in his playing, in his singing, and in his character.” – Tommy Emmanuel

“We owe Doc Watson a lot for being such a musical genius, for breaking down barriers, and for giving us a direction to go in.” – Jerry Douglas

“If the wind and rain could play guitar, they would sound a lot like Doc Watson” – Greg Brown

4.5-star rating from 20 reviews.

The Wolf's Moon, by Patrick Jones. (Still free?)

An ancient beast preys on innocent civilians . . . This chilling thriller is free today!

"Loved the story! The characters were engaging, and the suspense was kept high throughout. Combining elements of a number of action-related genre's, Mr. Jones has given us a very entertaining read." -- Bolverkr, Amazon reviewer

In “The Wolf’s Moon,” author Patrick Jones creates a spellbinding tale of an ancient animal that haunts the foothill towns of Missouri’s Ozark Mountains. An unknown group of scientists has genetically engineered a Dire Wolf into the present day. Allegedly extinct, the ferocious beast preys upon the innocent people of Maple Hills.

To hunt and kill the beast, the town folk will have to rely on the tracking feats of Mark Lansdowne. He is a reluctant hero, still mourning the loss of his wife to illness. Relying on his rescue dogs and indefatigable hunting skills, Mark will set out on foot in search of the mysterious beast. Yet the hunter’s personal history and romantic entanglements will come back to haunt him during his search for the vicious animal.

Accompanying him on the hunt is his pal Warren Skruggs, who knew Mark when he was known as Michael Linden, a chapter of his history that he prefer be kept to the past. Adding to the intrigue are two beautiful, intelligent women who aid the hunter in his quest. Their looks and smarts would make the Bond Girls envious but Mark is still a grieving widower, unsure of how to move forward.

With its mixture of high-stakes hunting and personal and romantic intrigue, “The Wolf’s Moon” is a page-turner that will keep the reader captivated with its unexpected story twists. The thriller suspense novel is a real story grounded in the life and folkways of the Ozark Mountains not just another unbelievable werewolf story grafted onto the romance of the South.

409 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 30 reviews.

Christmas in Wine Country, by Addison Westlake. (Still free?)

Get in the Christmas spirit with this fun romantic comedy - free today!

"Funny, laugh-out-loud, romantic comedy, combines a supportive best friend and perfect California wine country terrain as background for the main character, Lila, to explore and examine her life choices. Perfect holiday reading." -- cynbluerun, Amazon reviewer

A romantic comedy set in Northern California's wine country.

It's Lila's big debut as an event planner and the company holiday party is going to be her chance to shine. At a Tuscan-style vineyard near the Northern California coast in the perfect little black dress she's sure to impress commitment-phobe Phillip. What could go wrong?

72 hours later with no job and no boyfriend, Lila finds herself with all kinds of answers to that question. Like mistaking the glowering Jake Endicott of Endicott Vineyards for the groundskeeper. Or a new video on YouTube featuring Lila pawing her way through drunken karaoke of "Hungry Like the Wolf."

Solo on the romantic holiday getaway she'd booked for her and Phillip near the vineyard, Lila at least gets to visit with her old friend Annie who lives nearby in the coastal town of Redwood Cove. Drawn into the local bookstore with gleaming wooden floors and welcoming armchairs, Lila chats with the owner and impulsively accepts a job offer.

Sleepy, misty Redwood Cove is the perfect place for Lila to take a break from her horrible track record with guys. The only one she finds even remotely attractive knows her as the holiday party crazy lady. Ranked in Bay Area magazine's 10 hottest bachelors, Jake Endicott is just the type Old Lila would have wasted years pining after.

Join Lila on her year of comedy, adventure and self-discovery on the Northern California coast, with all kinds of ups, downs and misadventures and a full cast of small-town wine country characters. Thankfully, even the greatest misunderstandings can all be worked out with a little Frank Sinatra and mistletoe.

4.7-star rating from 7 reviews.

He Called Her 'Hat', That Tough Little Lady, by Myron C. McDonald. (Still free?)

A French woman makes the most of her life during the 1920's. This charming tale is funny and touching; get it free today!

"This is a great read as it takes the reader to an era in time when life was uncomplicated and people had to work hard to maintain their lives and survive. Not only will the reader learn a great deal about life at that time, they will be thoroughly entertained by the amusing tales of incidences and encounters lovingly depicted by her grandson. It is a truly engrossing and entertaining read, which will educate, make you laugh, think and cry." -- Mochalove, Amazon reviewer

"Her name was Harriette DePeele Corey Bair, a tiny thing, perhaps a half inch over five feet. She was quick, with the passionate, egocentric vitality I ascribe to the French--quick to respond whether in love or temper. She never left you long in doubt as to where you stood in her estimation and she was a shrewd judge of human nature. She was sensationally strong for her size, probably never weighed more than a hundred pounds, but she milked six cows by hand, night and morning, worked a garden of at least an acre and kept a house so immaculate it was the despair of all her female kin. She could lift her own weight without a grunt, loved off-color stories, brewed her own hard cider, raised her own wheat, danced on Saturday nights at the local town hall, and was vitally in love with life.After her first husband died, she married a man 20 years her junior. Tall, handsome and somewhat lackadaisical, Frank Bair worshiped her and did her every bidding."

From here the story takes off in amusing, sometimes hilarious, always entertaining true-life recollections of Hat's remarkable life in the early twentieth century, USA.

114 pages, with a 3.8-star rating from 6 reviews.

Here's a bargain Kindle book, available for 99 cents today!

The Goddess Letters, by Vicki Matthews. (Still $0.99?)

This highly rated romance is only 99 cents today. So grab a blanket, a cup of coffee and this bargain book today!

"This book is a fantastic read! I was utterly captivated by the story -- it has intrigue, romance, wonderfully well drawn human characters, and a rich historical and mythological backdrop woven into its timeless plot. This is tough feat to pull off but Ms. Matthews does this seamlessly without ever sacrificing the sheer entertainment value of a good story! This book will stick with you long after you finish reading it and you will find yourself wanting more information on much of the history presented." -- Jill Carter, Amazon reviewer

Chicago economics professor Rob Harris knows he has it damn good: dream job, devoted wife, adorable daughter. But he risks it all when his first love, the exquisitely mysterious Selena, writes that she needs him - her terrifying dreams are coming to life.

Despite his doubts, Rob is drawn into Selena's haunting world of forgotten knowledge, ancient ritual, and relinquished rights. Eventually, he finds himself face-to-face with Jacobi, who will kill to keep hidden a truth that could change the world. As Rob's own concepts of reality crumble, so do his once-rigid views on nature, divinity, women's roles, and even love. To his amazement, he comes to accept that the greatest hope for us all may actually rest with Hollywood.

The Goddess Letters is a story of love and faith, and one man's unfolding relationship with both. A testament to passion of all kinds, it celebrates those who have the courage to discard the new in favor of the old, be it love, beliefs, or entire civilizations.

341 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 8 reviews.

New Hope for Alcoholism Recovery: Beat the Bottle, by Bill Frost. (Still free?)

This self-help book is for alcoholics and those close to them. Usually 4.99, but today it's free.

"If you are an alcohol addict and are looking for a serious guide that can help you get a better understanding of alcoholism and its effects, addiction treatments and recovery plans, this book is for you. It covers a ton of valuable information that can help you overcome alcoholism and it outlines the necessary steps you need to take to start enjoying life without worrying about the fatal effects of alcoholism." -- Cid Roche, Amazon reviewer

  • IS it possible to recover from alcoholism?
  • What are the effects on your body, your brain and your social life?
  • Am I just a social drinker or an alcoholic? Do the self-test !
These questions (and many ... many more) get answered in this book! BUY it NOW and apply your knowledge right away.

This ultimate guide is a MUST READ for everyone that cares about Alcoholism
Recovery, whether you are an alcoholic yourself or you are close to
an alcoholic!

Not convinced yet?

  • Do you need guidance in seeking the right treatment for alcohol addiction '
  • Did you ever feel helpless whilst living with an alcoholic '
  • Did you ever wonder why a recovery plan is by far the most important thing to create'
  • Did you ever wonder what the Shuswap tribe (in British Columbia) can learn us about getting sober?
You soon will learn that there is New Hope for Alcoholism Recovery. Start the battle with the bottle IMMEDIATELY!

4.8-star rating from 10 reviews.

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